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The iPad 10.2 inch (2019): a new way to experience your iPad

Protect your The iPad 10.2 inch (7th generation) with Dealy, which offers the best cases, covers, screen protectors and accessories at sale prices! The new iPad offers a larger screen that's fun to use. With its 10.2" Retina display and many technological innovations, your iPad experience is optimized. Ultra light (less than 500g), it is very easy to carry. However, you need to secure it to use it wherever and however you want. Dealy, offers you the largest selection of high-end protections for your precious tablet.


Dealy customizes your iPad 10.2 inches

Dealy offers a wide selection of premium cases, covers, screen protectors and pouches to secure your 7th generation iPad at sacrificial prices. Discover our ultra-thin cases that will allow you to carry your tablet without fear of bumps, scratches, marks and dust. From the transparent case to the ultra-resistant case with a support ring, your iPad 10.2 is really safe. Our covers and pouches are also ultra thin. In addition to protecting your tablet, they allow you to carry your accessories. We offer fancy cases, marble style, convertible into hands-free support, imitation leather.... A complete range at reduced prices! Our smart cases are very protective and will allow you to use the iPad wherever you go. We also offer ultra-thin and very secure screen protectors (films and tempered glass). With Dealy, your iPad 10.2 is secure in a personal and very effective way!


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