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The new generation of true wireless headphones offer exceptional comfort and stability thanks to their more compact in-ear configuration. With soft silicone tips available in three sizes, you can change them in a jiffy. They're comfortable to use wherever you are and wherever you're going. Whether you're on a plane, on public transport or in the comfort of your seat, you'll enjoy the ergonomic design of these earphones to the full. What's more, Apple has managed Active Noise Reduction (ANR) very well to provide excellent isolation while preserving adaptation to environmental noise.

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Our team selects cases and protective case s that are ergonomic and multi-functional. These accessories allow you to store your headphones and protect them from knocks, scratches, marks and dust. They're designed exclusively for earphones, so you can recharge them in no time. We have a wide selection of headphone holders so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Some come with a strap or ring to make them easier to hold. You'll find them for sportsmen and women, children, businessmen and travellers. Modest , elegant or fancy, our covers and pouches are all ergonomic and practical. From transparent silicone protection to glitter, fun animals, monochrome or coloured, you're bound to find one that meets all your needs.

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