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Get the best deals on case s, covers, protective films and ZenFone 7 Pro accessories

Dealy offers a unique collection of low-priced cases, covers, screen protectors and accessories for the Asus ZenFone 7 Pro. The phone measures 165.08 x 77.28 x 9.6 mm and weighs 230 grams. The main reason to buy the phone is its motorised rear camera unit, which can be tilted forward to avoid the need for a front-facing camera. You also get a full 6.67-inch screen (with no notch or border). The screen is AMOLED and HDR 10+ compatible. The photo module will appeal to all photo enthusiasts. Dealy selects protections and accessories that are perfectly suited to the phone. They'll help you get the most out of your phone in complete safety.

Premium protection and accessories

Our team offers protection that will meet your expectations in terms of performance and security. The covers will follow the contours and lines of the phone and become like a second skin. Thin and light, they are resistant to shocks, scratches that would devalue the smartphone and dust that would impair its operation. They have precise cutouts at the ports and are designed to allow you to tilt the photo module without any problem. These protectors are made from silicone, plastic or hybrid materials (plastic back and silicone edges). We have flexible, semi-rigid and rigid covers. Discover our transparent case s, those in monochrome silicone, carbon fibre or imitation leather. Our cases and covers are designed around a silicone case that is covered by a flap that protects the whole mobile. The pockets act as wallets, with card holders and a pocket for cash or small documents. The covers fold away to act as a hands-free holder. Take a look at our range of premium cases: imitation leather covers in many colours, pockets with straps and a variety of clasps. We also offer ultra-resistant film and tempered glass. They're easy to fit, ultra-thin and won't leave any marks when you take them off. The touch area will retain its sensitivity and interactivity will be the same as if the screen were not secured. Check out the accessories: memory cards, external batteries, chargers, cables, tripods, car/cycle mounts, speakers and headphones. They're all high-performance, ergonomic and stylish.

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