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Secure and accessorize your Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 on discount at Dealy

Dealy offers the best selection of discounted cases, covers, cases, smart cases and screen protectors for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7. Save money and take advantage of our low prices and promotions on all protections and accessories. The Tab S7 is a high-end tablet that will please all Samsung fans. It has an 11-inch LCD screen, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ SoC backed by 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. It is equipped with Android 10 with the Samsung One UI. It comes with its S Pen stylus that holds magnetically on the back of the tablet. Its 0.35 mAh battery offers up to 10 hours of use on just a 10-minute charge. This tablet offers an excellent high-end alternative to its competitors. Ma case offers very good quality products that will allow you to fully enjoy the performance of the Tab S7. All the protections, cases, cases and smart cases are very resistant to shocks, scratches, marks and dust. They leave easy access to ports and features.


Premium cases, cases, covers and smart cases at low prices

Discover our great selection of protections that will bring you complete satisfaction. They are designed exclusively for the Tb S7 tablet.

Exclusive cases for all family members

Dealy offers cases that are designed with premium materials. They are made of silicone, plastic or mixed materials. You will find, for example, ultra-resistant cases that are made with double protection. We also offer some that are made of EVA foam. These protections are ideal for children, as they are eco-friendly and non-toxic. You will find transparent cases that will preserve the original design of the tablet. We offer some that come with a ring that serves as a hands-free support. They are very practical in landscape mode when you use the S Pen. We highly recommend the EVA honeycomb case for those who often carry their Tab S7 with them. In addition to being very weather resistant, it comes with a strap and a shoulder strap for hand or shoulder carrying. It also comes with a removable stand.

Ultra-weather resistant covers and cases

We select, too, ultra-performance covers and cases that are designed around a silicone case. This serves to keep the tablet secure and it serves as the primary protection for the back and edges of the tablet. The flap wraps around it to secure it completely. The cases are designed as wallets. They have interior card holders and a pocket where you can put cash or small documents. The covers fold up to serve as a hands-free holder. You'll be able to use your tablet in landscape mode nicely with or without the S Pen. You'll find classic style covers, premium leatherette or genuine leather. You'll have a choice of materials (lychee leather, retro, vintage, textured...) and clasps (straps, magnetic snaps, Flip style...). We made a great selection of fancy covers with animals, glitter, marble styles, dreamy beaches and lots of surprises.

The top smart cases with auto wake & sleep function

We offer, also, smart cases with flaps that fold up according to your needs. They are made of silicone and plastic. They are distinguished by their great thinness and weather resistance. You can fold them easily and use them as a hands-free holder. Some of them allow you to store the stylus safely. They all come with wake & sleep function for economical use of your Galaxy Tab S7.


Protect your Tablet's screen and give it the best accessories

Dealy offers a fine selection of screen protectors and accessories for your tablet

Extra thin, highly weatherproof screen protectors

Discover our screen protectors that will bring you security and peace of mind. Our films and tempered glass are ultra thin and ultra protective. They will install easily and they won't leave any marks when you remove them. Your tablet will be safe from bumps, scratches, smudges and dust. The tempered glass is shattering-proof. You will not have to change the glass in case of a brutal shock. The tablet will stay like new for a long time and it will be easier for you to resell it. The touch area will retain its sensitivity. Whether you chose a case or a cover, we recommend attaching a screen protector for real peace of mind.

High-performance accessories for everyday use

We offer a great selection of accessories that will help you optimize the use of the tablet: external batteries, cables, chargers, speakers and headphones, docking stations and stands. You will find, for example, chargers that can charge several devices at the same time. They're great for businesses, families and offices. Our stands will perfectly support the Tab S7 wherever you are. We regularly add new products and practice a fairest price policy for each product.

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