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Dealy : an exclusive selection of inexpensive protectors and accessories for the Google Pixel 6

At Dealy , you'll find discounted covers, cases, screen protectors, camera protectors and accessories for the Google Pixel 6. We offer the best products at unbeatable prices. Discover our collections! The Google Pixel 6 is a 207-gram smartphone with a 6.4-inch FHD+ (1080 x 2400 pixels) display in a 20:9 aspect ratio and a refresh rate of 90 Hz. It features a Google Tensor SoC and a versatile dual camera sensor with an ultra-wide-angle lens. It also features a "magic eraser" to remove unwanted elements from photos. At Dealy , you'll find all the protection and accessories you need to get the most out of your Google.

Get your Google Pixel 6 products at low prices

At Dealy , you'll find top-quality protection and accessories to help you get the most out of your smartphone and its technological prowess. We sell covers from just €4.99 that are designed exclusively for your phone. They follow the contours and lines of the phone perfectly, while still allowing direct access to its ports and functions. The covers are made from silicone, plastic or tempered glass. Some are made from several materials, depending on the components to be secured. They are flexible, rigid or semi-rigid. You'll see simple case s, multi-functional case s (case s with support ring, case s with card holder, case s with cord) and patterned case s. Flap covers are designed as wallets with interior card holders and the cover serving as a hands-free holder. Some come with a practical detachable strap for carrying the Google in your hand. You'll find cases in imitation leather, genuine leather and a range of leathers (lychee, nappa, textured, etc.). We offer stylish covers and patterned covers for those who want to personalise their phone. Our screen protectors, films and tempered glass are ultra-thin and highly resistant to the elements (shocks, scratches, marks and dust). They prevent the glass from shattering in the event of a shock, while allowing optimum interactivity with applications. You'll also find a protective lens to install on the camera glass. It will protect the sensors from the elements. We also offer a selection of accessories at the lowest prices on the market. You'll find cables, chargers, memory cards, headphones, speakers, earphones, car and bike mounts, tripods, selfie stands and lots more. When you choose Dealy , you can also be sure of the best prices and impeccable customer service. Welcome to Dealy !

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