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Dealy : leader in low-cost protection and accessories for iPhone 12 Mini

Dealy secures your iPhone 12 Mini with case s, covers with cases, screen protectors / photo module and accessories premium prices. From just €4.99, get the best deal and treat yourself at the same time. Dealy protects your mobile from knocks, scratches, marks, dust and moisture. You can be sure that it will stay as good as new for a long time. You'll avoid breakages, scratches that depreciate the smartphone, dust that accumulates around the buttons and humidity.

Personalise your iPhone 12 Mini to your heart's content

Our covers and accessories are so cheap, you can buy as many as you like without worrying about your budget. We offer very thin, lightweight covers that leave ports and buttons easily accessible. They follow the lines and contours of the phone so that they become an integral part of the phone. We have our classics: transparent covers, flexible carbon fibre covers, brushed covers, leatherette covers, Ultra Resistant covers, Survivor covers, monochrome silicone covers in a range of colours, etc. We also have covers with a 9H tempered glass back.

Discover our fancy cases with lots of fun designs. We have covers and pouches designed around a silicone case to hold the mobile and keep it secure. They act as a wallet (with interior card holders and pockets) and as a support for hands-free use of the smartphone. We recommend using a film or tempered glass to protect the screen, even if you have a cover. The same goes for your iPhone's super photo module. Easy to install, it will protect the lenses without affecting the way your photos look. Check out our great accessories section: chargers, external batteries, cables, car and bike mounts, speakers and headphones. They're all designed to optimise the use, autonomy, transport, use and listening of your iPhone 12 Mini.

Take advantage of Dealy 's customer service and find out more about our products

Our team is available by phone (09 75 18 78 18), email and text message (06 44 64 68 65) to advise you on our products and track your orders. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Welcome to Dealy .