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Exclusive, low-cost protection and accessories for the iPad Pro 11" (2021)

Dealy sells case s, covers, cases, screen protectors, smart cases and accessories at discount prices for the iPad Pro 11'' (2021). Save money and take advantage of discounts and promotions on all products. The iPad Pro 11" (5th generation) is equipped with an Apple A14X 5nm SoC. It is compatible with the 2nd generation Pencil. Apple has designed it like a desktop computer, with accessories such as the Magic Keyboard that adds the necessary keys to the tablet to make it as powerful as a Mac. The iPad is also backlit, so it can be used at night. According to Apple, the iPad Pro 11" (2021) can be used for up to ten hours at a time while it is switched on. We select the best protection and accessories and offer them at unbeatable prices. You'll find a wide range of flexible and rigid cases made from the very best materials. Thin and light, they are nonetheless ultra-resistant to impact, scratches, marks and dust. We have developed our selection of multi-functional covers and protections for children. Our covers are designed around a silicone case that is highly resistant to the elements. The case is wrapped in an imitation leather or real leather cover that provides extra protection for the whole tablet. Our cases have internal card holders and their covers can be converted into hands-free holders with several possible angles. Discover our tri-fold smart cases with auto wake & sleep function. They are highly protective and allow the tablet to be used from several angles. We also offer films and tempered glass to protect the iPad Pro screen. These protectors are easy to install and leave no marks when you remove them. They will protect the glass and screen from impact and scratches. We recommend installing one if children have access to the tablet. You'll also find a wide range of accessories: cables, memory cards, external batteries, chargers, stands, tripods, speakers and headphones. These will optimise the use and performance of your tablet.

Ultra-resistant protective covers to personalise the iPad Pro 11" (2021)

We sell ultra-resistant covers and cases that stand out for their elegance. Monochrome or textured, these cases are perfect for professional use. You'll find covers with a clasp (strap, rivet, press stud, magnetic closure) or flip cover style with the clasp integrated into the cover. We also have covers with animals (cats, dogs, owls, pandas, tigers, wolves, etc.), plants (flowers, plants, mandalas, etc.), landscapes and graphics. They're perfect for those who want more personal protection. We sell transparent case s and silicone or imitation leather case s. They're simple, discreet and very secure. You'll find EVA foam case s for children that are environmentally friendly and good for their health. They provide optimum protection for the tablet in the event of a sudden impact. They have integrated supports and practical handles. We recommend that you apply a film or tempered glass to the screen of the tablet. As for our smart cases, they are very useful in a professional or personal context. We have some in imitation leather and others decorated with fancy motifs.

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