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Pay only the right price for your OnePlus Nord protection and accessories

Dealy offers the best selection of case s, covers with cases, screen protectors / lenses and accessories for OnePlus Nord at great prices. Take advantage of our great discounts and promotions on all our exclusive items designed for mobile phones. The OnePlus Nord is presented by its manufacturer as the flagship of its mid-range handsets. It is 5G compatible. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 SoC backed by 8 to 12GB of RAM, a 6.44-inch Full HD+ and 90Hz AMOLED display and a quad 48+8+5+2 megapixel camera sensor. The smartphone is compact and feels great in the hand. You'll be able to play games, surf the web and watch videos and films in excellent conditions. OnePlus offers a very good alternative as a mid-range smartphone. We recommend it for everyone. Our team selects thin, light and ultra-resistant protectors. They are designed to protect the phone from knocks, scratches, marks, dust and moisture. We offer transparent, monochrome or coloured silicone covers, fancy styles, imitation leather, carbon fibre and tempered glass. You'll also find a selection of thin, lightweight, weatherproof covers and cases. They protect the whole phone while serving as a wallet and hands-free holder. They have cutouts for storing credit cards, cash or small documents. They are generally made of leather or imitation leather. There's a choice of materials and clasp styles, and you can choose one with a removable strap. Our screen protectors, films and tempered glass are designed exclusively for mobile phones. They're easy to fit and won't leave any marks when you take them off. Your screen will stay as good as new and you won't have to change the glass because of scratches. The touch area will remain sensitive. Our accessories (external batteries, chargers, speakers, earphones, car and bike mounts, etc.) will optimise the use of your OnePlus Nord. Don't forget to secure the super photo module with tempered glass. Dealy is committed to offering you the best value for money so that you can equip yourself as you wish.

Personalise your OnePlus Nord to suit your mood

Dealy offers a range of protections so cheap that you can buy several without any problem. All you have to do is easily install the one that suits your mood at the time. We have some very secure covers that will personalise your smartphone. Silicone, transparent, covered in fabric or with card holders, they'll let you use your mobile phone in complete safety. We have monochrome leather and imitation leather covers that are both stylish and elegant. You might prefer one with a pattern (animals, landscapes, plants, etc.). Our team loves the leopard-skin style: a must-have! By buying our accessories you'll optimise the autonomy, transport, sound and storage of your Nord. Welcome to our home!

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