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Enjoy great Dealy prices on Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e cases, cases, covers, smart cases, screen protectors and accessories. Save money and use your tablet with freedom. The Tab S5e is thin and light (5.5 mm thick and weighing 400 grams). The slate is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 SoC, coupled with 4/6 GB of RAM. It is equipped with a 7300 mAh battery. Its terminal features Intelligent Scan, facial recognition and a fingerprint sensor embedded in the power button. It offers a USB Type C port on the bottom edge flanked by two first stereo speakers. We love its screen designed with a 10.5-inch Super Amoled slab, QHD display (2500 x 1600 pixels) and a resolution of 288 dpi. The result is exceptional and we really recommend this tablet for its configuration and the very pleasant interactivity. Our team selects for you the best protections and accessories on the market. All are offered at the most interesting prices so that you can equip yourself as you want without thinking about your budget.


Cases, covers, cases and smart cases that will personalize your tablet

In addition to securing your tablet, our covers, cases, cases and smart cases will personalize your precious electronic board. We have something for everyone! Check out our selection of ultra-thin, ultra-strong cases designed in silicone or highly protective alloy materials. We have our classic transparent or monochrome silicone cases. You may prefer our ultra resistant cases or/and those that come with a support for hands-free use. We have also thought about transportation and have made a selection of cases with a strap or a very practical lanyard. If you're more of a cover or case person, we offer a wide selection of unique and inexpensive protections. They are designed around a silicone case that will perfectly hold the tablet. It will benefit from a second layer of protection with the envelope designed in very resistant materials. The pockets are equipped with interior card holders and a pocket to put money or documents. Again, you'll have a choice of clasp styles and straps for carrying. Check out our smart cases with front flaps that fold down the way you want them to so you can enjoy the electronic board hands-free. Again, you'll have a choice of materials: faux leather, lychee leather, fabric, denim...a full range that will satisfy you completely.

Choose your exclusive screen protector and accessories at Dealy

Dealy offers the best screen protectors and accessories on the market. Beware of sites that offer multiple films and tempered glass. You will be lost! Our team selects only the best and most durable. Our products are ultra thin and easy to install. They will become like a second skin on the glass of your tablet. It will be secured in case of shock, against scratches, marks and dust. The touch area will be optimal and the interactivity will be as if your screen was not protected. Your Galaxy Tab S5e will stay like new for a very long time and you will have no problem reselling it. See also our great selection of accessories: external batteries, chargers, memory cards, speakers, headphones, stands and docks. We regularly optimize our offer to provide you with ever more innovative products. By choosing Dealy, you are assured to buy very good quality products at the best value!