About us

We will accompany your devices everyday

We will accompany your devices everyday

Dealy is a family business. Since 2012, we offer you the cheapest cases and accessories on the market.
Our collections are unique for an optimal protection of your device, whether it is your smartphone, tablet, computer or connected watch. Our credo: efficiency and proximity!

Our mission: To protect your device every day.

At Dealy, we are committed to offering high quality products at low prices. You will find, still today and always tomorrow, cases for only 4.99 € and covers from 6.99 €.
As you can see, we want to satisfy your protection requirements while offering a fair price.

Exclusive protective covers that will follow the shapes of your phone

We offer cases that are perfectly adapted to your mobile, focusing on ergonomics and resistance.
By installing a case from Dealy you can be sure that your smartphone will be protected against shock, scratches, marks and dust.
You'll still have easy access to the phone's ports and features for optimal use.

You'll find ultra-thin protective cases that offer an excellent grip and multi-functional cases with, for example, an integrated card holder, a hands-free ring or a shoulder strap.
We sell cases that will perfectly fit your lifestyle and daily needs.

Covers and pouches for complete protection

Discover our covers and pouches that will secure all your mobile against the elements. Designed as wallets, with interior card holders and a pocket, you won't need to multiply your accessories.
Our covers will allow you to use your mobile hands-free thanks to their convertible covers in support.
Here again, we select cases that will meet your desires for functionality and design.

Tempered glass protections for the screen and photo sensor

Dealy offers you the best protections for the screen and the rear photo module of your smartphone.
Whether it be tempered glass protections or films, they are custom-made. They will perfectly secure the sensors while allowing an interaction with the applications and an optimal picture taking.

Premium accessories for your everyday needs

At Dealy, you will find the accessories you need for your smartphone, your tablet or your computer.
We offer the best products designed by leading manufacturers.
You will find memory cards, cables, external batteries, chargers, car and bike mounts, tripods, speakers and headphones.
We regularly enrich our collections with new products to offer you an exceptional and personal experience with your mobile.
Again, we are committed to selling them at low prices so that you can equip yourself as you wish, without thinking about your budget.

Proximity, our priority

Whether in our internal relations or with you, we favour actions and decisions that respect others.
We are a small company that wishes to promote ethics, well-being and listening.
As far as you are concerned, we are constantly seeking to meet the needs and desires of each and everyone so that you are happy with your protections and accessories.
At Dealy, we offer eclectic and inclusive product lines. We try to find the right products for all our audiences: family members, adults, kids, teens, sports enthusiasts, professionals, partygoers... Whoever you are, you're bound to find what you're looking for at Dealy.
We want to provide you with a local experience. By trusting us, you can be assured that we will be easily reachable and that we will respond as quickly as possible to your questions and needs.
We want a personalized customer service in your search for products as well as for the follow-up of your orders. You are and will never be anonymous with us! Our employees will offer you a competent, efficient, friendly and caring service.

Ensure fast and efficient delivery

By trusting us, you can be assured that your order will be delivered in the shortest possible time. Our team's mission is to take care of your order efficiently, so that you can enjoy the products quickly.
At Dealy we want to respect short and reasonable deadlines.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any delivery problem. We are available 7 days a week to inform you about the status of your orders.