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Drawstring case s: go for trendy safety!

Dealy offers a unique selection of drawstring covers from just €5.99. As well as keeping your smartphone perfectly secure, you'll save money while looking ultra-fashionable. Corded cases are the new must-have when it comes to protection and fashion. Lanyard covers offer many advantages. They allow you to keep your smartphone within easy reach at all times. With a simple gesture, you can answer the phone and interact with all the applications. You'll no longer have to search for your mobile in your bag or pockets. Considerable time savings and peace of mind... As well as answering your phone more quickly, you'll avoid a nasty fall by dropping it. Who hasn't dropped their phone in the underground or in the street while clumsily reaching for it to answer a call? By buying a shoulder bag, you can reduce the risk of theft. Pickpockets won't be targeting you!

Highly resistant jewel cases for mobile phones

All the cord-style cases we offer are ultra-thin and ultra-strong. They are made from silicone or mixed materials (acrylic back and silicone edges). They fit snugly around your smartphone, like a second skin. They are highly resistant to the elements (shocks, scratches, marks and dust) and allow easy access to the smartphone's ports and functions. Neck cords with end caps are made from extremely hard-wearing materials and will look great for a very long time. We offer lanyard covers for iPhone, Huawei and Samsung. Looking for a great drawstring case for your iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone XR? We've got a range of models to suit you. Do you want a shoulder bag for your precious Huawei P30 Pro? We've got a colourful drawstring case that you can tie around your wrist like a piece of jewellery. Are you a bit blinged out? The glittery drawstring cases for Samsung Galaxy S20 / S20 Ultra and S20 Pro are ideal for you!

Be trendy and colourful

Dealy offers great corded cases for men and women, because the jewellery case trend is unisex! You'll find high-quality, monochrome lanyard protectors that will give your look a little twist. Drawstring protectors are available in a wide range of colours, with matching drawstrings. Some are a single colour and others are two-tone. The straps are adjustable so you can have your mobile exactly where you want it. All cases are designed with eyelets so you can easily change cords to suit your moods and events. Whether it's for women, men or children, you're bound to find the ultra-strong, slim and trendy lanyard case of your dreams. You can wear your smartphone around your neck, slung over your shoulder or around your wrist, so don't hesitate to become a trendy necklace case or bracelet case!

Corded cases for iPhone, Samsung and Huawei

These jewellery-style cases with straps will give your iPhone 12 , 12 Mini, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max great protection. Made from high-quality silicone, they'll let you go wherever you want without the risk of drops or scratches that would devalue the phone. Your iPhone XR will look stunning with a black silicone shoulder case with gold end caps. Want to protect your iPhone 7 with a wristlet case? Then the transparent case with coloured cord is for you! The same goes for the iPhone 11 series, iPhone 7/8/7Plus/8 Plus and the iPhone SE 2, which will look stunning with the corded protection available in a range of colours. Samsung fans will also be delighted. We've got some great cases with straps for the Samsung Galaxy S20. The drawstring case with glitter is perfect for the Galaxy S20 Ultra. You'll also find them for the Galaxy Note 20 and the S10 series (S10 and S10 Plus). Our team-mates love the silicone cord case with coloured glitter for their Galaxy A21s, Galaxy A71s and Galaxy A51s. They wear their phone around their wrist or across their shoulder, depending on what they're doing at Ma case and how fancy they are. Our Huawei customers and team members love their Huawei P40 (P40, P40 Pro and P40 Lite) or P30 (P30, P30 Pro and P30 Pro) around the neck thanks to their ultra-thin, ultra-resistant silicone cord case . As well as being extremely secure, our cases are sold at the lowest prices on the market, like all our products. Because at Dealy , fashion doesn't mean high prices!

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