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Save on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip cases, screen protectors and accessories

Dealy offers a premium and affordable collection of cases, screen protectors and accessories for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. Samsung is offering a foldable smartphone with a 6.7-inch HDR10+-certified AMOLED display. It features a dual ultra-wide-angle camera sensor and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ 7nm processor backed by 8GB of RAM. It comes in a 4G version with 256 GB of storage. It feels great in the hand. When folded, it measures 7.4 x 73.6 mm and is 17.3 mm thick. The only downside is that experts confirm that it is slippery when placed on a table because of the very smooth surface.Our team has selected the best protection and accessories to help you get the most out of your Galaxy Z Flip.

Protection and accessories perfectly suited to your mobile phone

Dealy offers covers and screen protectors that will meet your expectations perfectly. They are designed exclusively for foldable phones. The case s follow the contours of the smartphone perfectly and feel like a second skin. They are distinguished by their thinness and lightness. They will protect the Z Flip in the event of an impact, against scratches that would devalue the mobile and against dust that could interfere with its operation. They offer very precise cutouts for ports and buttons. They are designed so that you can fold and unfold the phone as you wish. Our cases are made from silicone, plastic, tempered glass or hybrid materials (plastic back and silicone edges, for example). They prevent the phone from slipping when you place it on a table. They will also optimise the grip. You'll be less likely to drop it. Whichever you choose, you can be sure that they are ultra-resistant. You can secure the screen of your Galaxy Z Flip with a silicone film that's highly effective against the elements. It's easy to install and won't leave any marks when you remove it. The touch area will retain its sensitivity and interactivity will be ideal. Once again, it's designed so that you can use the foldable phone without any problems. Take a look at our accessories section. You'll find external batteries, chargers, cables, speakers and headphones... You'll be able to equip yourself with the premium products you want while saving money.

Cases to suit all budgets

You'll find transparent covers that allow you to preserve the phone's design while keeping it secure. We have silicone or plastic cases covered in high-quality imitation leather. We've selected some that are covered in real classic or lychee leather. Our team loves the crocodile-skin style. Discover those designed by the famous manufacturer GKK, which are made of tempered glass. They are exceptionally protective and offer unique designs. Enjoy your visit to the world of Samsung Galaxy Z Flip!

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