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Dealy : an exceptional selection of cheap protection and accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro

Dealy offers low-priced covers, cases, screen protectors and accessories for the iPhone 14 Pro. Take advantage of promotions and discounts on all protections and accessories. The iPhone 14 Pro features a 6.7-inch OLED display with a dynamic punch for the FaceID sensor and front camera. It has a dynamic refresh rate of 120Hz to 1Hz for Always on Display. You'll benefit from an Apple A16 SoC etched in 4nm and a triple 48+12+12 megapixel photo sensor with X3 telephoto lens and ultra wide angle. At Dealy , you'll find the protection and accessories you need to use your iPhone 14 Pro safely and optimally. They are designed by the best manufacturers. We invite you to discover them so that you can use your smartphone in excellent conditions. You'll be pleasantly surprised by our models.

Ultra-resistant case s at low prices

We sell slim, lightweight cases that are made to fit the lines of the iPhone 14 Pro. They leave easy access to ports and features. Some of our cases will also protect the buttons with a thin film of silicone. They come in silicone, plastic, tempered glass or alloy for ultra-resistant protection of the back and edges against impact, scratches, marks and dust. You'll find a very good selection of transparent case s, flexible or rigid monochrome silicone case s, carbon fibre case s and leatherette case s. They're easy to install and very protective. You'll see cases with two layers of protection that have removable holders or very practical card holders. We are developing our range of ultra-resistant case s with support rings. Patterned case s (animal, plant, glitter, marble style) and tempered glass case s will give a unique personal touch thanks to their shine. We also sell corded cases that are extremely hard-wearing and easy to carry, at rock-bottom prices.

Discover our low-priced covers and cases

Your iPhone 14 Pro will be well protected with the covers and cases we offer at low prices. We sell wallet-style covers with card holders and a pocket for money or small documents. They'll keep your mobile safe and secure, while allowing easy access to ports and functions. Some pockets have a practical carrying strap. We offer a wide range of monochrome covers in several colours. They are available in premium imitation leather, genuine leather, textured leather, nappa leather or lychee leather. We invite you to discover the colours and their shades. Some have an integrated clasp (flip covers) and others have a viewing window so you can read the main information on the screen. You'll see fancy covers decorated with animals, plants, flags, marble and glitter. We offer a leopard cover in a range of shades.

Essential screen and camera protectors

Your iPhone 14 Pro will be perfectly safe with ultra-thin screen protection (film and tempered glass). They will protect the screen from scratches, marks and dust in the event of an impact. They will also ensure optimum interactivity with applications. We also sell a tempered glass protective lens specially designed to secure the rear camera. This protector will optimise the security of the lenses, without affecting the way the photos are rendered.

High-performance accessories

At Ma case , you'll find accessories to help you get the most out of your iPhone 14 Pro. We sell chargers, memory cards, external batteries, cables, speakers, headphones, tripods, car/cycle mounts, docking stations and support rings. We're expanding our range of accessories so that you can use your smartphone in the best possible conditions.

Dealy is a complete service

When you visit our site, you'll appreciate its simplicity. The information sheets are self-explanatory and you'll be able to place your orders in the best possible conditions. You'll receive your order as quickly as possible, and you can contact our customer service team by telephone, text message or e-mail (see "contact us"). We will respond very quickly to your written requests. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok. This will keep you up to date with our new products and accessories.