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Take advantage of Dealy 's exceptional offers on iPhone 13 Pro Max protection and accessories

Dealy offers the best selection of low-priced cases, covers, screen protectors and accessories for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. We sell cases from just €4.99 and covers from just €6.99. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a 6.7-inch 120Hz OLED display. It has a 5G (NR & Sub-6) compatible Apple A15 Bionic SoC and a triple 12+12+12 megapixel camera with OIS. So you'll find a camera with a 77mm telephoto lens (x3 zoom), another with an ultra-wide-angle lens opening at f/1.8 and another with a wide-angle lens opening at f/1.5v. When it comes to video, Apple is breaking new ground with cinematic mode. At Dealy , you'll find all the protection and accessories you need to use your iPhone with complete peace of mind.

Take advantage of discounts on iPhone 13 Pro Max protection and accessories

At Dealy , you'll find cases that are thin, light and highly resistant to the elements. They are specially designed for the iPhone 13 Pro Max. They come in silicone, plastic or hybrids. For example, you'll find cases with acrylic backs and silicone edges. Some are made of tempered glass with silicone edges, and others have several successive layers of protection while remaining very thin. All our protections are effective against impact, scratches, marks and dust. They preserve direct access to the smartphone's ports and functions. You'll find transparent, carbon fibre, silicone or monochrome covers. Some are flexible, while others are rigid or semi-rigid. We sell imitation leather models, brushed case s and the famous Survivor, which is ultra-resistant to hard knocks. You'll find a wide range of patterned covers and clever support rings. Our covers are designed around a highly weather-resistant silicone case . They leave easy access to the phone's ports and functions and are specially designed for it. The cover wraps around the phone to protect it completely. The cases act as a hands-free holder and have cutouts on the inside to hold cards, cash or small documents. We have a great selection of monochrome split leather pouches, in lychee or nappa leather styles. You'll see smooth, textured, classic and vintage styles. We have lots of new products. You'll find slipcovers with patterns: animals, plants, landscapes, mandalas, leopard-skin style and lots of surprises. You'll have a choice of clasps: snap fasteners, straps, closures built into the cover. We recommend securing the screen of your iPhone 13 Pro Max with a film or tempered glass that is ultra-resistant to shocks and scratches. These are very useful, even if you have a cover. You could drop the phone when you have the cover open. Our protectors for the camera sensors will allow you to take photos and videos in the best possible conditions. Discover our accessories to help you use your iPhone to its full potential. You'll find cables, memory cards, chargers, external batteries, speakers, headphones, car and bike mounts and docking stations. Enjoy your visit!

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