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Discount Realme 7i cases, covers, screen protectors and accessories

Dealy offers Realme 7i protection and accessories at unbeatable prices. Check out our low-priced covers, cases, screen protectors and accessories! The Realme 7i boasts a 6000 mAh battery. According to the brand, you'll be able to talk on the phone for 43 hours straight, listen to 1,200 songs or watch 18 films... The phone is powered by the MediaTek Helio G85 processor, and features a triple photo sensor on the rear panel, including a 48-megapixel sensor. An 18W "fast charger" should provide 29% battery life in 30 minutes. Dealy can accessorise your phone at unbeatable prices.

Find your protection and accessories at a discount

Our team selects high-performance products that are perfectly suited to the operation of the Realme 7i. You'll find thin, lightweight cases that fit the contours of your phone perfectly. They are highly resistant to the elements. The back and edges of the smartphone will be protected from scratches, marks and dust in the event of impact. You'll find our classics: transparent case s, flexible carbon fibre case s, silicone or plastic case s, ultra-resistant case s, the lychee leatherette case ... We also have some made from tempered glass and silicone. They give the Realme an incredible look. We also offer cases that are highly resistant to the elements. These consist of a case with a flap in imitation leather or real leather. These pouches can be used as a wallet or hands-free holder. Some come with a removable strap. There are many monochrome covers available in a range of colours. Our flip covers (with a clasp integrated into the cover) and our view covers (with a viewing window) will meet your expectations perfectly in terms of ergonomics and usefulness. We select very thin, highly resistant films and tempered glass for the Realme 7i screen. They will prevent the glass from shattering and scratches that can be very damaging. We're expanding our range of accessories with new products to help you use your mobile safely and enjoyably. You'll find cables, memory cards, chargers, external batteries, tripods, headphones, car and bike mounts, docking stations... When you choose Dealy , you can be sure of the quality of our products.

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