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The best cases, screen protectors and accessories for the iPad Pro 12.9'' (2022)

Take advantage of Dealy 's discount prices on iPad Pro 12.9" (2022) covers, cases, screen protectors and accessories. We offer a unique selection of products that will allow you to use your tablet in the best possible conditions. Discover them, and you'll be seduced by their style and performance.

When you buy your iPad Pro 12.9" (2022), you want it to be perfectly protected and accessorised. At Dealy , we choose the best protective models available on the market. You'll find one that perfectly meets your everyday needs.

Premium protection and accessories at a discount

At Dealy , you can buy discounted cases, covers, screen protectors and accessories. You'll find some that are perfect for business, personal or family use. We also have some for children.

Ultra-resistant case s

We sell cases designed exclusively for the iPad 12.9" (2022). They'll be highly resistant in the event of an accident, and they'll allow easy access to the tablet's ports and functions. We have some that are simple and others that are multi-functional. The latter have, for example, a hands-free support, a shoulder strap or a hand strap.

You'll also find a range of ultra-resistant cases for children. Made from EVA foam, they allow them to use their tablet in complete safety. They're designed to be easy for them to carry around. We recommend that you add a screen protector to complete the protection.

You can also buy cases with hands-free support that are perfect for your professional needs. You'll be able to use your tablet hands-free in the best possible conditions.

Practical cases and smart cases

Discover our collection of covers and cases specially designed for the iPad Pro 12.9'' (2022). These protectors feature a highly weather-resistant silicone case and a faux leather or genuine leather flap. The cover provides extra protection for the whole tablet. Once folded, it can be used as a hands-free holder. The cases have card holders and a document holder inside for documents or cash. Our flap covers are highly resistant to impact, scratches, marks and dust. They leave direct access to the iPad's ports and functions. You'll find a wide range of models in monochrome leatherette and patterned models.

We also sell highly resistant tri-fold smart cases that are practical for hands-free use. They're also highly protective, so you can use your tablet with complete peace of mind. These thin, lightweight cases feature an auto wake & sleep function for economical use of the tablet. They also act as a hands-free holder. You can buy plain or patterned models. Some of them will also allow you to store your stylus holder.

Thin, highly resistant screen protectors

You can also buy protective films for the screen of your iPad Pro 12.9'' (2022). Easy to install, they optimise interactivity and allow your fingers to glide pleasantly over the surface. You'll find a film and a tempered glass protector specially designed for optimum use of the tablet.

High-performance accessories

We also offer some very practical accessories. Available at low prices, they'll help you use your iPad Pro 12.9'' (2022) in the best possible conditions. You can buy external batteries, chargers, cables, stands, speakers, headphones and docking stations. All our accessories are sold at highly competitive prices.

The Dealy experience

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