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Save money on Huawei Y5p cases, covers, cases, screen protectors and accessories at Dealy. We select the best products and offer them at the lowest prices on the market. Our team loves the Huawei Y5p as our first phone. This one has a 5.71-inch screen, which occupies 78.1% of the front panel, something that is very positive. It has a teardrop-shaped notch where the front camera lens is integrated. It incorporates a 13-megapixel photo sensor on the left corner capable of filming in Full HD at 30 frames per second with good autofocus. The IPS LCD screen offers a definition of 720 x 1520 pixels (with a resolution of 295 dpi) which allows an excellent use in the sun. In short! A good entry-level phone that we recommend to young people in particular.Our team selects protections that will allow the mobile not to be damaged in case of shock, to avoid scratches, marks and dust. Besides the fact that the mobile will not break if you drop it, it will keep its design intact and you will be able to sell or give it away in perfect condition. We mustn't forget about dust, which can affect the functioning of the buttons, the lens and the screen. All our items are designed to optimize the use, autonomy and transport of your mobile. Plus, you get to enjoy our great prices and discounts.


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With Dealy, it's the assurance of buying quality products at the lowest prices on the market. Our cases are ultra thin and very protective. They will perfectly fit the lines and contours of the mobile. The access to the buttons and ports will remain impeccable, because the cuts are very precise. You will find our transparent, carbon fiber, leatherette, with support ring, fluorescent, tempered glass or crocodile skin style cases. We select covers with flaps that are very resistant to the elements and that can be used as a wallet. With or without a strap, you can carry your cell phone safely. We offer monochrome leatherette or genuine leather pouches in a variety of colors. Discover our lychee, retro, vintage, rivet or vintage clasp styles. We also have some with fun patterns for all, adults and children (plants, animals, glitter, marble...). Our screen protectors and lenses are also very resistant. They are made not to hinder the use of the smartphone and interactivity. You will be able to take pictures in peace and use the screen without thinking that it is protected. Check out our accessory section, because you'll be in for some good surprises! We offer cables, chargers, memory cards, speakers, headphones, tripods, car/bike mounts and lots of surprises at rock bottom prices.


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