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Perfect protection for your MacBook Pro 16" (A2141)

Dealy offers an incredible selection of case s and cases for your 16-inch MacBook Pro. It offers an unprecedented size, occupying 86% of the front panel, and is the most innovative notebook with its new chassis and premium untel processor. You'll love its "Magic Keyboard" keyboard and its 6 speakers (instead of 4 for the previous models). The mobile has a second Touch Bar screen (an OLED screen placed between the keyboard and the main screen), which Apple has optimised for ease of use and ergonomics. In addition to the user-friendliness of the Apple system, the mobile is lightweight and easy to carry. It also boasts excellent battery life (15 hours) and a unique design. The screen is very bright and the audio is exceptional. Our team will secure your MacBook so that you can use it safely and so that it doesn't lose value over time.

Your Mac is precious: protect it in the best possible way at an affordable price

Dealy offers selection of accessories ultra-resistant at economical prices. We select the best protections and offer them to you at very attractive prices. The whole of your mobile will be protected in the event of a shock, against scratches, marks and dust. By protecting your mobile , you'll avoid the risk of internal breakage and scratches that reduce its value. We offer ultra-thin films and tempered glass to protect the screen, keyboard protectors and cases that fit the contours of your MacBook Pro 16" perfectly. As for our accessories, they're designed to get the best out of your mobile . You'll be able to transport your Laptop safely while keeping it light. We offer the most attractive price ranges on the market and, thanks to our discounts, you can personalise your precious 16" MacBook Pro.